T minus 20

Some time in the next 2 weeks I’ll be heading North to Alaska. I’ll be spending the Summer as a hiking guide in Denali National Park. Not sure what to expect…

Mosquitoes, bears, and blueberries. That I am counting on. Probably some nasty weather and maybe a few good looks at the Big One.

The more I am reading about Denali, the more I find respect and desire for this tall mountain. On a good day the view from the top must be amazing.

So bear with me, while I get my stuff together for an arctic adventure.


5 thoughts on “T minus 20

  1. Thanks for liking my blog post about the foxes 🙂 Not just because you liked my post, but because I will so enjoy following you! Like I said in the post, this past summer my family and I were on vacation in Alaska. I fell in love with Denali and enjoyed Ketchican and Anchorage and all the train rides…and really I can go on, but I won’t 🙂

    There is a crazy part inside of me that would like to someday (when our son age 11 is older), give an Alaskan winter a try and if I can survive move up there, move permanently. My husband would like to retire up there some day, so with us both on the same page I’ve been in my own little way preparing myself for Alaska.

    One can hope.

    I’ll enjoy following your blog and if you don’t mind I might comment here and there.

    Until then, keep warm and enjoy the beauty for me!

    Amy Strange

  2. Comment to this post: I took a hike in Denali. . We didn’t see any bears on our hike, though we did see HUGE prints in the mud. I remember our hiking guide was so excited that day because he had just bought bear spray and couldn’t wait to try it out. That wasn’t you was it? lol

    We also, flew around Denali and landed on a glacier, where we had a snowball fight. I cried it was so overwhelmingly awesome. We also, took a bus tour through the park (where we saw the foxes fighting). The ride was hot, but wonderful We saw bear, wolf following two I forget what…I don’t think they were moose… dolly sheep, but all from a far away distance.

    And of course we had tons of viewings and even interaction with the state birds…mosquitos!

    What books did you read about Denali? Any that you would recommend?

    Thank you for your time!


    • THE book to read, if you are into mountaineering is: -158F by Art Davidson, telling his story of the epic first winter ascent of Denali.

      No, I was not the pepper-happy guide…

      Thanks for reading.

  3. Hi Bearly,

    I apologize, but I don’t know where to leave comments, so I’m leaving it where I last left one.

    You are staying at the Rainy Pass Lodge?

    Are you ever on TV? Never watched the show on the website. We don’t have TV channels/cable. The website says that people can come visit in the winter. Do you have guests?

    Sorry, for all the questions. I’ve been enjoying your blog, I’ve caught myself up. Your blog sounds so peaceful and wonderful, but after googling the lodge it sounds noisy 🙂 lol

    Glad you are having a warm spell 🙂


    • Hi Amy, sorry I have not figured out that commenting thing myself…

      Yes, I am staying at RPL, and that is the same lodge as in the TV show. Winter is a very different time for this place. Almost no visitors, no mosquitoes, little day light. It is very peaceful indeed. We are currently just two staff members, taking care of 18 horses and the lodge.

      This is the off season. Very few guests find their way to this place, either by snow machine, 120 miles from Anchorage, or by bush plane on skis. All weather permitting. Once you are here, you think you are in paradise, at least I do.

      I have not been to the lodge in the Summer. I think there are busy times, but you know TV. They go for the noisy stuff. I imagine there are ways to get away from the noise and be with nature, which begins at the doorstep. I think every season has its highlights (wildflowers, midnight sun, blueberries, snow). Pick your poison.

      Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoy it.

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