Into the Wild

One month in Denali Park

Nature changes faster than you can blink. It was still winter when we arrived on May 21 at our lodge at the end of the Park Road. Snow and ice covered the ground, not a single green leaf on the trees. Our water pipes were frozen, as was Moose Creek. Within a few days the snow would melt and turn many trails into mud. The catkins of the willow trees would glow golden in the  setting sun. Alpine azaleas, mountain aven, and Lappland diapensia would show their flowers first and cover the sides of the surrounding hills.

On June 21 we celebrated the longest day of the year, although the days have been so long for the whole months it did not make any difference. The sun just sets for a few hours, it still remains daylight for most of the night. We see the mountain for more than 9 days in a row. Mostly blue skies, some clouds, some wind. When the wind dies down we suffer.The mosquitoes are having a ball. Being outside without a headnet is almost unbearable. My days are long. Sometimes I start working at 5 AM, waking up guest. Then I go for a hike until noon. Sometimes we stay up til midnight. That leaves 5 hours of sleep.

Good night!

English: Moose Creek Shelter Cabin food cache,...

English: Moose Creek Shelter Cabin food cache, Denali National Park, Alaska (Photo credit: Wikipedia)