On the Road

The End

Today feels like the Denali Summer excursion has come to an end. Our convoy has split. Everybody is heading home or off to new frontiers: New Zealand, Bulgaria, Hawaii, Florida, Maine, Minnesota, California. Some of us, who took a flight out of Anchorage are already home for weeks.

I am considering going back to Alaska for a winter caretaker job…

I am going.

Winter in Alaska. Looking forward to solitude, silence, and peace.

Does that sound crazy? Maybe.

Actually, it is not that crazy. There will be a small winter crew taking care of a state of the art hunting lodge that is just in hibernation.

In February the Iditarod racers will come by. Now that is crazy! 1100 miles with sled dogs, bikes, or skis? They don’t have a cozy lodge to spend the night…

One step at a time. Got to get used to those -20F first.