On the Road

Goodbye City Lights!


It is another magical morning in Anchorage. The fog keeps coming in, but all signs are we are going to fly to Puntilla Lake. At 10:30 AM the De Havelland Beaver is loaded with supplies and two passengers. Our well-being is in the hands of Chuck, a veteran bush pilot. We pass a few cabins, some muddy rivers, and mostly flat tundra to approach the Alaska Range from the South. Denali, Foraker, and Russell are clearly visible under a deep blue sky.

After one hour we reach Puntilla Lake. Patches of thin ice float in the cold, calm water. We almost don’t notice when the seaplane touches down. A happy crowd is greeting us at the dock. Winston, a black hunting dog, seems to be especially excited. Everybody will leave the lodge in the afternoon, except me and Travis.

The cozy lodge is surrounded by beautiful mountains, next to scenic Puntilla Lake. Quite a setting…