“Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just enough baggage.”

Charles Warner

A chimney stack

Speaking of baggage. I arrived here a week ago with 3 pieces of luggage and a couple of plastic bags from a last minute food shopping spree. It is nice to travel and live without all that clutter. I may have just enough clothes with me to survive, but I may have to do some online shopping for some cold weather clothing. I found a pair of bunny boots, or should I call them funny boots? They are white rubber boots with inflatable side walls for insulation. So far they work great. In the morning I wear a pair of fleece pants and hard shell pants. A thick overcoat, which makes me feel like a sumo ringer, a hat and gloves. That outfit works, as long as I am moving around. I have one pair of pants for around the house, a couple of fleece shirts, 5 pairs of  socks and underwear. I start to appreciate every piece I brought with me, since they all have a purpose and utility.

Charles Warner (1829 – 1900) was an American writer and friend of Mark Twain.


Simplicity #1