Fox in the moonlight
Into the Wild


I walked onto the ice tonight not knowing what to expect. I thought maybe the moon and the clouds would create a nice scenery, or maybe the warm cabin lights might be worth a shot…

Well, this is what happened. I did not bring the tripod and the moonlight was not that bright. The light meter asked for 3-8 seconds of exposure time. No way to hold the camera steady that long.

I set the camera on the ice, put a glove underneath the lens hood and hoped for the best.

Well, the best happened. Dixie, one of the red foxes showed up and expressed some keen interest in the camera setup. She looked right into the camera and sniffed the lens.

“Not edible!”

She turned around and looked at the moon.

All that can be seen in the above still image.



That’s all the excitement for today.