A sliver of sun rays
One Man's Paradise


Another great day in the making…

across the Happy River

morning light

Moose Creek Valley

distant attractions – do they have a name?

across Ptarmigan Valley

ridges across Ptarmigan Valley

I can hike in less than an hour to the top of Lookout Hill. The view is awesome – different every day.

One of these days I would like to keep going… When my backcountry skis arrive?

The beautiful play between light and shadow, clouds and sun does not last very long, but the few hours the sun is rising above the horizon are special. The light is warm, the shadows keep their arctic blue. Yellow and blue, those are the main hues. I can see how in a few months we shall be hungry for juicy green and signal red.

It has been just a few weeks that the snow covered up the spectacular fall colors. What remains for the moment are images, some frozen berries, and memories. There is no point holding on to the past or waiting for the future.

Now is winter, now is good.