One Man's Paradise

still waiting…

sunsunrise @ PAPT

sunrise @ PAPT

Instant gratification pales when compared to anticipation.

For the last 3 days we are waiting for the plane to show up. It’s either the weather in Anchorage, at Puntilla Lake or in between, which is not cooperating. Fog!

3 days waiting is nothing. Buckey tells us he was waiting once for 19 days to fly home. We are comfortable, but it’s so nice to dream about all the good things the plane will bring. Oh well.

Forecast for tomorrow: Brilliant sunshine. Brilliant! Not just regular sunshine. I believe, sometimes the forecasters get carried away, or they are tired of the gray fog as well.  Or do they want their viewers to feel good?

The wind drift makes the lake surface look like frozen waves. And there is the pastel sky again. The sun stays close to the horizon. We see it for maybe 2 hours, then it disappears behind the mountains. There are beautiful highlights in the mountains to the NE, even we don’t see the sun directly. On a clear evening there is fantastic Alpenglow.

Living every moment…