Inside Out

Happiness is a Choice

Between chores, yes there are chores even on Christmas Day, I listened to a TED talk by Ric Elias, who was one of the survivors of a remarkable emergency water landing of a commercial jet on the Hudson River. In his talk he reveals the three most important things he changed in his life after the plane crash:

1 – Don’t postpone important things, which also means don’t waste your time with unimportant stuff

2 – Choose to be happy, don’t fight to be right

3 – Be a good parent and if you are not a parent be good to your fellow men and women.

It should not take a plane crash to come to those conclusions, n’est ce pas? Christmas time is a good time to reflect on life. Every moment is precious. We don’t live in the past, nor for the future. Life is now. I do remind myself of these fundamentals in good and hard times. Repetition makes it easier to remember what’s important when there are big boulders on the road of life.