A glimpse
One Man's Paradise

A glimpse into…

Between splitting wood, feeding the horses, hauling firewood and a bite to eat I managed to catch a glimpse of this beautiful peak to the North of us. Moose Valley leads to a number of steep granite towers with exposed rock faces. Snow will stick to the walls for a few days, then it will be blown off and show the brown underlying granite. The Kichatna Mountains are in this general direction, a remote range, visited by only a handful mountaineers. Further North is Mount Russell, a perfect pyramid, visible from hundred miles away, an image that follows me in my dreams.

Yesterday I tried my backcountry skis, on the runway! For the first time in many years I stood on backcountry skis.

“Free your heels, free your mind.”

That quote makes me smile. Steve, a fantastic pinhead and an accomplished mountaineer, would drop that line once in a while. We carved a few fine lines in Utah’s backcountry powder many winters ago. He would love this place, too. The snow is pure sugar, a pain to walk uphill, but boy on the way down, it just makes you grin insanely…

We got 8 inches of that light fluff in the last 2 days. Now the storm is hesitantly clearing, giving us glimpses into distant peaks and hills. It’s been a pleasant 20 degrees Fahrenheit lately.