One Man's Paradise

happiness is…

a bowl of dry pellets in the morning.

Coach, a Norwegian Fjord

Coach, a Norwegian Fjord

At least that’s how our hardy Norwegian Fjords feel. I can’t blame them. Outside day and night, all year, including this crazy winter, which seems to be a roller coaster in temperatures and snow fall. It has been in the upper 20s during the day for a couple of days now. Most of the snow fell without wind, not so tonight. The wind is blowing the snow around. Our ponies seek shelter in the woods and will emerge in the morning, patiently awaiting us for breakfast. On cold days, when it is below -20, they are not so patient, not with us, not with each other. Who can blame them? Hungry and cold?

So today, we all embrace a break in the cold weather. According to the weather service it is colder in NY than in Alaska. And I thought I signed up for an arctic winter, just kidding.


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