Inside Out

Walking on Thin Ice

“Civilization is like a thin layer of ice upon a deep ocean of chaos and darkness.”

Werner Herzog

Walking on thin ice

Walking on thin ice

I believe there is some truth to Werner Herzog’s bittersweet view on society. Living with others requires rules and enforcement. Without it we would have mayhem.

To live remotely has its attractions…

Those are my thoughts walking across the frozen lake in the morning. Then I see cracks in the ice. Not to fear! The ice is thick enough to support planes. The cracks are simply a result of temperature changes in the ice. Nature’s powerful forces at work. I have been on the ice while it’s cracking. It is a strange and beautiful music. I have not managed to be on the ice with a crack appearing between my feet. That would be something. Until then, I am content with stepping on either side of the crack.

Ice cracks

Ice cracks


One thought on “Walking on Thin Ice

  1. I know what you mean by ice cracking being “strange and beautiful music”. I have many childhood memories on a lake with the ice cracking and you’re out in the middle of it. We’d start crawling on our bellies back to land, not knowing where the cracking was coming from.

    Last week, it was cold enough to have a thin layer of ice on a lake at the park we went, too. It was fun watching the geese trying to land. Sometimes the ice would crack right under them. We also, enjoyed throwing rocks and listening to them cartwheel across the lake.

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