Inside Out


Waiting for the planes

Waiting for the planes

… no more!

The wait is over. Yesterday two crafty bush pilots made it out to Rainy Pass Lodge despite pretty rough weather conditions. Strong winds and clouds were present throughout the day. The wind had rolled the snow, creating swirls of heavy snow sitting there on the ice not unlike the rolling stones in Death Valley. Snow would fall off and on. Unlikely flying weather. However, these pilots know their stuff. It is awesome to see how gently they set down their planes on the snow without knowing exactly how soft, how deep, or even the surface will be. Adding the fact that they are loaded with propane, and gasoline… Amazing guys, thank you!

Our supplies of fuel, food and horse feed were running low. Because of the warm and wet weather during the last weeks planes could not make the trip form Anchorage to our lodge. Only a few racers had made the long trek to our lodge on their snow mobiles. To conserve fuel we had turned off the generator for most of the day and the night. For a few, brief moments I had the feeling of being stranded. Not on a warm tropical island, but a wintery arctic log cabin by the lake. Then again, it all works out in the end.

Barry and Chuck brought loads of fuel, food for us and the horses, Christmas presents and mail. Life is good. Now we can sit back and ride the weather for another couple of weeks until the racers show up on foot, bike and snow machine. It will be quite a change compared to the last months of the quiet off season.


2 thoughts on “Stranded…

    • I believe it’s going to be in that sequence: First Irondog (snow machines from Anchorage to Nome to Fairbanks), then Iditarod (dog sleds), then bikers, skiers etc. Stay tuned, more to come.

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