Into the Wild

what happens when…

Portrait of a Fox

Portrait of a Red Fox

you are away from people too long?

Looking foxes in the eyes.

There  are 7 foxes roaming around the neighborhood. Three red foxes and four cross foxes. Not all of them sit patiently through a portrait session. Maybe by the end of this winter I do have a close-up of all seven? Maybe  I can tell them apart. They certainly have individual behavior and expressions. Nothing is safe from their curiosity. They chew on snow shoe straps, they steal mittens left on the ground for a moment… They move effortlessly through deep snow always keeping a safe distance from us. When it is cold they curl up on their tail, when it is rainy they hide underneath spruce trees or even better underneath one of our unused cabins. During the current warm spell we see them less often. They are probably in the woods hunting for mice and other critters. In some places the snow has melted enough to expose the ground cover. It feels as if spring is around the corner. Maybe they are out there looking for mates. I am hoping to see some fox pups, soon.


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