Inside Out

Hundred Days


It has been one hundred days that I left a life as you know it behind to spend the winter at a remote lodge in the Alaska Range. A day to celebrate, a day to remember? Maybe.

One hundred is just a number. More important is the question: “Do I like it?” and “What have I learned about myself?”.

Yes, I like it. Life is simple. There is work that needs to be done every day, there are surprises that that need to be dealt with, and rarely there is a small emergency that requires a solution with limited resources. The surroundings are breathtaking. Not every day are we treated to a fiery sunrise as today, but every day the scenery is unbelievably beautiful. It may take one hundred days, short days and long nights, a gray winter sky, rain, fog, and snow to really appreciate a natural firework as it happened today. I was on the ice for at least half an hour, observing and documenting this great spectacle in front of my eyes. When I woke up I thought I’ll take a quick shot and then crawl back to bed, but the intense colors did not let me go. No socks, just some fleece slippers, I was crouching on the ice gawking at the sky. As many things in this environment, it did not last forever, and it for sure will not return the same way in the future.

What did I learn? Take it easy, there is a solution for everything. I don’t know everything, I may the answer right away, but there is a solution,eventually.  I also learned that you bring your baggage, wherever you go.

The lone time at the lodge is soon over and there will be more visitors and guests. It will be a new experience to share this remarkable place with others.

Then comes a time to say good bye.

That is life – nothing stays still.


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