One Man's Paradise

Fill’er up…


This is Barry, one of our heroes.

He runs Alaska Flying Services and flies a small Cessna that is carrying a payload of 160 gallons of diesel or gasoline, which keeps the lights on at our lodge. It is amazing to see him and other pilots transporting dangerous goods safely day in day out in this rough winter weather.

Our lake has survived the warm spell pretty well. Experienced pilots like Barry do land on the icy runway, but they take off in the middle of the lake. There are jut a few bumps from moose, caribou and a few ski tracks that we left while exploring the surroundings.

One more week and we are expecting the Iron Dog racers, officials, pilots and spectators. In the meantime, we look forward seeing Barry a few more times stocking up our fuel supply.



3 thoughts on “Fill’er up…

      • Just know you have a fan — who also happens to be a real person (I’m a farrier); the blog world often leaves me wondering where all the real people are??? I wanted to let you know that I follow what you post and love the breathtaking content! :~))

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