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The beauty of sub zero

Image: Ice flowers

The cold is back! Temperatures remain below zero degrees Fahrenheit during day and night. Gotta bundle up to walk and work outside. A day, when we venture outside only when necessary… and to take pictures of the beauty created by the chilly weather.

The window panes are covered again with ice crystals that look like Christmas trees or fairies dancing in the breeze. The Sun illuminates these amazing formations for a few moments just so they seem to float above a black void.

On a day like this, I am reminded of the mountaineers that like to climb North faces. Not seeing the Sun for days, enduring cold nights in snow crevasses, exposed to wind and weather. Is it the meeting with the Sun at the top, or the appreciation for the convenient life after a climb that keeps them coming back for more?


7 thoughts on “The beauty of sub zero

  1. I agree with kolbskid that photograph is amazing! I live up near Livengood and have never see anything like that on my windows or anywhere for that matter….congrats on capturing a great shot.

    • Thank you Pete. That surprises me, it’s certainly cold enough in your neck of the woods. We have a couple of unheated rooms. That’s where the ice flowers appear on the inside of the window… Maybe your cabin is just too warm 🙂

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