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And the winner is…

Kevin Breitenbach

Kevin Breitenbach – winner of the 2014 Iditarod Trail Invitational

Kevin Breitenbach was the first to cross the finish line in McGrath covering 350 miles in 2 days 4 hours and 43 minutes. Tim Bernston came in as a close second just 21 minutes behind the leader. Third place went to Alec Petro. The trio was leading the race early on and never looked back.

The winning trio leaving Puntilla Lake

The winning trio leaving Puntilla Lake

Several riders coming into Puntilla Lake commented on the beauty of the place. I wonder how much time the leaders had to admire the scenery. Many riders arrived at Puntilla Lake in the dark, a few left in the middle of the night.

Some riders took the time to sleep over in the warm guide shack: “Life is too short to race”. Breakfast in the morning, waiting for the sun to warm the cold winter air. Beautiful clear skies and vistas were their reward.

Riding Puntilla Lake with a smile.

Riding Puntilla Lake with a smile.

On the Iditarod Trail

On the Iditarod Trail

Another notable event was the arrival of the first walker, Dave Johnson, running about 120 miles in 2 days. He took a nap, gave an interview and headed towards Rainy Pass.

Dave Johnson

Dave Johnston


6 thoughts on “And the winner is…

    • He walked from Knik to McGrath in 4 days 1 h 38 m. That is 350 miles dragging a sled. That’s almost 90 miles a day. Walk, drink, eat, sleep. In that order…

    • There is no road. Trail breakers come through with snow machines, trailers, chain saws, and other gear to recreate a trail every winter. Snow machines, walkers, bikers, and dog teams all use that trail. Every winter the trail is in different conditions. At times it may be impassable.

  1. As someone who grew up riding racing bicycles with thin, high pressure tires I was shocked to feel how difficult the fat tire bicycles are to ride; there is just so much rolling resistance. One needs powerful calf and leg muscles to really enjoy those rides!

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