Into the Wild

Fatbike To The Arctic


Yesterday we had two surprise visitors from Homer, Kim and Bjorn. Two adventure bikers on their way to the Arctic. Like folks in the lower 48s they like to bike. Though biking in the Alaska winterscape takes a few extraordinary measures. First, you need a snow bike or a fatbike with 4 or 5 inch snow tires. Then you need a trail or a hard snow surface. Then comes the gear, clothes, tent, sleeping bag, stove, food, and storage bags. Kim and Bjorn have perfected their set up to the point that they carry a light-weight titanium wood stove and a floor-less tent, which allows them to survive nights below -20F. According to their account it is actually more than surviving, outright cozy they told us. Nevertheless, it takes guts to head out at night and camp along the Iditarod trail.

Their plan is to await the dog teams near Rainy Pass, document parts of the race from a place where very few people ever observed the event. Then they head up North to the Arctic – Kotzebue, maybe Point Hope. They tell us, they will be collecting drift wood to fuel their stove. They have stashed food along the way for 6 to 8 weeks. How is that for a winter vacation?

If you want to follow their adventures go to mjolnirofbjorn.

There have been a few hardy souls coming through Puntilla Lake lately. I feel it is time for my own adventure.


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