Into the Wild

March caprices

Since this is my first winter in Alaska, and this winter is apparently not your typical winter I don’t know what to make of the weather lately.

Grounded air plane

Grounded air plane

Picture-perfect bluebird days have given way to a crazy snow days. Two Iditarod Air Force planes made an unplanned landing today on Puntilla Lake after flying into a whiteout on their way to Anchorage. The pilots and one passenger stay in our guide shack. Smart pilots always carry a sleeping bag and some emergency gear. This will come in handy tonight.

Antonio de la Rosa

Antonio de la Rosa

We also think of Antonio de la Rosa, a Spanish adventurer, who stopped by at Rainy Pass Lodge, en route to Nome. He started to walk from Willow the same day the Iditarod started with a 90 kg sled in tow. He spent a sunny afternoon at the lodge, updating his friends, having a warm meal and a beer before heading out towards Rainy Pass, which was a howling gap in the mountains yesterday.

Today we woke up to steadily falling snow and low visibility. In the afternoon I hiked onto the lake and shot a panorama consisting of a faint line of trees, representing the lake shore. Nearby hills and mountains disappeared in the snow.

Windy Tundra

Windy Tundra

The Iditarod mushers are approaching their final destination, Nome. Jeff King is in the lead, just one hour ahead of Aliy Zirkle. One hour – after 1000 miles!

Hoping everybody is safe out there.


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