One Man's Paradise


It is now more than 150 days that I have been living in a remote location in Alaska, with limited contact to the outside world. Not totally cut off from civilization, since we have a phone and the internet, and satellite television with hundreds of channels that remain unwatched for most of the time. We do have a fridge and a freezer full of meat, dairy and vegetables. We cook, bake, grill, and toast. There were visitors and guests. I am not alone.

In a sense, life as usual. Still, the remoteness and simplicity of life here are remarkable. While every day is a reason in itself for celebration I came up (in the beginning) with a little ritual to acknowledge special events. I am not talking about birthdays, holidays, or international secretary day. More like, observing a flock of tiny songbirds tweeting in the trees, the sunrise over Distin Peak, not for its colors, but the improbable location of the sun, compared to a few months ago. Small stuff, that is probably only relevant to me, otherwise going unnoticed in the greater scheme of things.

So, what is the ritual? I do like a cold carbonated soft drink… We have a limited supply of those in the basement. Can you see, where this is going?

I do have zero, one, or two Sprite days! Normally, on an average day, it is water, tea, or lemonade to quench the thirst. On a great day, I reward myself and fancy one soft drink. On an exceptional day, I might indulge in two!

Writing about this makes me smile. “Today is a one Sprite day” has become a common phrase that expresses my gratitude to life, even when the fridge is empty.

To Spring!

To Spring!

Have a great day.


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