Into the Wild

X marks the spot

It has been a crazy couple of days.

Nice to look at...

Into the Blue

First we ventured out into the back country to transport supplies, firewood, building materials, fuel, and other goodies to remote hunting camps. We would leave after breakfast and spent most of the day outside. April did present us with all facets of weather: Some days we had plenty of sunshine, some days the light was flat and you could barely see from one trail marker to the other. One day it was so windy we huddled behind the windshields of our snow machines to stay out of the wind. The tundra seemed alive as the strong wind pushed the snow  around.

The Iditarod Trail

The Iditarod Trail

Once in a while we would get stuck with our heavy loads. That meant unhooking the trailer, rolling around in the snow, shoving and pushing until the sled was on the hardened trail again. On a clear day that’s good fun. On a cold, windy day it is almost a matter of survival to stay dry and warm, and most importantly to stay together as a group. It would be so easy to get off the trail and disappear in the rolling hills. The wind covers all traces in a minute.

Field service

Field Service

Then again it seems like a miracle to see wildlife in this vast space. Two tiny mice crossed our path the other day. We stopped in order to get a better look at the critters. What did they do? They had nothing better to do than to crawl underneath our snow machines!  When we left they reappeared from underneath unharmed. First, a little flattened. Then, they hopped off into the white, looking for something to nibble on.


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