Bear attack

Not to worry. We did not get attacked by a bear.

What is left of Sheep Lake camp

What is left of Sheep Lake camp

But the bears did a number on the hunting camps. They shredded one tent, broke into oil barrels, leaving the wine glasses intact! To avoid the same disaster this year we replace the tent in June with a sturdy log cabin.

The Kerosine Lantern

The Kerosine Lantern

Then again, a curious and hungry bear may even find a way to break into a log cabin. One bear managed to do exactly that in one of the remote camps by digging underneath the cabin and chewing through the plywood floor. The bear then dragged an iron wood stove and other heavy items outside for investigation.

Then, there are other critters that find creative ways to muscle, gnaw, and wiggle their way into a cabin in search of some scraps, even there are only scents or traces left.


3 thoughts on “Bear attack

  1. Reminds me of a Moose camp we had back in 1996. We I arrived early to set it up for the incoming hunters it looked a bit like your pictures. The bears that hit our camp seemed to like toilet paper and had it shredded for hundreds of feet in all directions… and yes they sure know how to rip open those 55 gallon barrels.

    • Bears are smart. In Yosemite they gave learned how to crack cars. Depending on the origin they use different techniques. Camper shells have plastic windows, so they crack these. Most passenger cars they get their claws between the door and the frame and rip the window down. Fine engineered cars have no sizable gap, so they jump on the roof and pop the windows out. Just give them enough time…

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