One Man's Paradise


It is still winter in Ptarmigan Valley. A few spruce trees, willows and alders poke through the snow, but most of the tundra is still covered by snow.

Ptarmigan Valley in April

Ptarmigan Valley in April

Steep mountain slopes start to shed their winter coat. Dall sheep play in a safe distance anticipating spring.

Distin Peak

Distin Peak

The absence of colors on an overcast day is remarkable. I am developing a thirst for color. And not for the muddy brown that is now emerging in our corral. Somebody give me a juicy orange, or a carmine red. I’ll even take lucifer yellow…


3 thoughts on “Void

  1. I’m absolutely blown away by your blog and images. The simplicity, the beauty, the stillness to the images speak loud and clear to me. I’m looking forward to following along through your images and words. I would LOVE to be there but your photos will take me there in the meantime:) Thanks and I’m so happy I checked your blog!!! Eric

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