One Man's Paradise

Pop 2

The winter season at Rainy Pass Lodge is over. Everybody left, just Buckeye and I stay behind with the horses and the foxes.

It was a bittersweet moment when Chuck took off from the lake with all my friends on board. We had worked together, played pranks on each other, discussed world politics and lesser topics. We were different in many aspects but we also were a spirited community of 5 living in this sheltered winter paradise.

Today was the first day in many months that I did not start the wood stove in the morning. It is still below freezing during the night, but the sun has enough energy to heat up the lodge during the day so that it remains reasonably comfortable. There are 2 inch tall bell pepper seedlings growing in the window sill and some butternut squash seeds are also germinating. I am also curious how my avocado pits will do in the endless Alaskan summer. Those plants will be my heritage to the summer caretakers.

We are still hauling fire wood, but around noon we have to stop because the trail gets too soft. The horse corral is slowly turning into a mud pit. The beauty of break up.



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