One Man's Paradise

“We are in good shape.”

After several weeks of tree cutting, splitting and hauling we are finally done. At times it was a frantic activity to cut trees in April when the temperatures climbed into the 40s. It became a race against nature. The trail to the wood lot became soft after a few hours of sunlight. Our heavy sleds had created bumps and ruts that made for uncomfortable hauling.


Buckey had started cutting trees sometime in November. He can tell you the exact date, and the accurate number of trees he cut down until today. I believe the number is 144. Amazing for a 70-something year old man to go out into the woods and cut trails and trees by himself. Fire wood is the only way to heat his “cabin” at Rainy Pass Lodge. He actually lives in a museum, a stunning display of antique guns, fossils, and artifacts that you would not expect in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, his cabin is now surrounded by a wall of firewood. On the front porch the wood reaches all the way to the roof, covering his window, blocking the gorgeous view.


“I’d rather not be cold in winter. Who needs a view? If I want to see the mountains I just step outside”.

The splitter is surrounded by several rows of cut trees awaiting some burly men and women, anxious to add to the pile of split wood. The yard is currently a muddy mix of dirt, snow, ice, and slush. No reasonable means to transport the split wood. It is a good time to stay inside and enjoy the outdoors from a window that is not blocked by firewood.

“We are in good shape.”


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