Into the Wild

The wildflowers are here!

The snow is almost gone on the sunny shores of Puntilla Lake. The water slowly finds its way into the lake. I thought hip waders are only for fly fishing. Not so. They are the only sane way to get around here during breakup.

Today I spotted the first green. From the distance the yard is brown, but if you look closely, there are thin green leaves of grass popping up.

The first wildflower

The first wildflower

Then I found the first wildflower of the season. Not sure what it is, yet. I must admit it looks a little alien but I am sure it’s going to be gorgeous in a couple of days.

The world around us has been white and blue for many months now. It is amazing to see other colors reappear.

Reindeer lichen and lingonberry

Reindeer lichen and lingonberry

Reindeer lichen and lingonberry leaves are already adding a little splash to the faded tundra. I can’t wait for the rest of the tundra to come alive again. In a few months the blueberries are going to be plentiful and every inch of the ground will be covered with leaves, flowers and seeds.

Unfortunately I have also spotted the first giant specimens of the State bird…



3 thoughts on “The wildflowers are here!

    • Good guess, since it’s so early, but I think it is Petasites frigidus, Sweet coltsfoot, also known as Arctic, or frigid coltsfoot. Thanks for looking.

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