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Eat like a musher

It has been 2 months that the Iditarod blazed through Rainy Pass. The trail markers are gone, the trail itself is fast melting away. Once in a while we find a dog booty, but sooner or later all signs of this wild dog sled race will fade.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for hungry souls.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for hungry souls.

The Iditarod is tough, but it is not a self-sufficient race any more. Rainy Pass is one of many checkpoint along the trail, where the formidable Iditarod Air Force drops food, fuel, and hay for mushers and dogs. Most mushers are pretty generous with the amounts of food that they send to the checkpoints. You want to keep dogs and the musher happy, when it comes to eating. Hence, there are leftovers. Fear not, nothing goes to waste. The hay goes to the horses, fish and meet stew are taken by the ravens, and the mushers dinner goes to … our freezer.

Now is the time to find out what the mushers are eating. All meals are vacuum sealed, some pouches are labeled, most of them are not. Since it is frozen food it is not always possible to identify what’s inside the bag. Mystery food!

Today we tested the first batch. Turns out, it was pretty tasty (3 out of 5 spoons). Chicken meat balls, with chicken chunks, rice, and carrots. Hearty. Now we know what mushers eat! The only question remains: Whose dinner was it?

How to cook a musher's meal

How to cook a mushers meal

By the way, mushers food is a snap to prepare. It’s precooked in a sealed pouch. All you need to do is toss it in hot water to heat it up. Bon appetit.


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