Into the Wild

Good bye my friends

You, leaving?

You, leaving?

It is time to say good bye to my friends the foxes. Not only because I am leaving, but also because the dogs of Puntilla Lake return. Hank and Brix are already here watching out for us. Tomorrow Remington and Neko will return and outnumber the foxes.

The foxes were splashes of color and entertainment during the winter. We watched them playfully interact with each other, barking across the lake, gliding across the powder with ease. Some were shy, all of them were curious, and they steal worse than ravens. It’s a hard life out there. Stay warm.


Bye, bye. Miss you,too.



6 thoughts on “Good bye my friends

  1. Foxes are beautiful animals – although your neighbour might disagree… Anyway these are great pictures – I actually prefer the second of them. It’s different, with an concentrated posture of the fox and then the little snow heap to the right.

    • Thank you, Otto. Shooting with snow in the background is a challenge. In one way it is great for a uniform, although bright background. In this case I could not pass on that snow feature to provide some environment. Glad you liked it.

    • Thank you, Carl. I have some more shots, maybe I’ll have another “today a year ago” post… I am waiting to see more images of yours from the Range. Great project.

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