Into the Wild

Good bye Denali

Tomorrow I will leave Alaska for Lost Wages. I will miss the splendid mountain views. Even from 100 miles away Denali is an impressive mountain range.

Denali from afar

Denali from afar

It was fascinating to see the mountain in different light, under clouds, above clouds, at various seasons.


Above the clouds

Curiously July is the worst month of the year to see the mountain because it is mostly covered in clouds during that time. That’s off course when most of the tourists come and some may come and go without seeing the great mountain. I revered the moments, when the mountain was partially hidden in clouds.

Denali and Wonderlake

Denali and Wonderlake

The alpenglow was outstanding, too, on a few occasions, with hues of green and blue in the shadows and a beaming orange glow.


So close and thus so far

I will miss those views, maybe not for long…


2 thoughts on “Good bye Denali

    • Thank you, Otto. It’s just a matter of time until the right moment arrives. That’s the beauty of landscape photography. Mother Nature is in charge of the lighting, and everything else for that mattter 🙂

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