Inside Out, On the Road

From the desert to the mountains…

Reach for the stars, even if you have to stand on a cactus.

Susan Longacre

Unreal describes best my recent visit to Lost Wages and the City of Angels. Heat, noise, traffic jams, and lots of people.

This is not how I want to live.

Nothing against the amenities and conveniences of urban life. It just seems difficult to carve out a quiet, contemplative life style in that environment. There were patches of nature that invited to slow down,  like this planted cactus, in perfect symmetry and harmony, nestled between a department store and the corresponding parking structure. How many shoppers will take a glance and admire this miracle in adaptation?

Macy's cactus

Macy’s cactus

I have retreated to the woods, sitting in a redwood grove, listening to the wind whistling through their branches. The air is fresh, although it is the same sun that torches the desert and lights the arctic. It is a narrow band of temperature that allows life on this planet. To life comfortably that band shrinks down even more narrowly.

Are we really good stewards of this land by living in air-conditioned homes, driving for every errand, and consuming more than we need?

I am guilty, too.




2 thoughts on “From the desert to the mountains…

  1. You are raising some important questions here. And as much as I am guilty, I know what the answer should have been. I am sure many would have missed the cactus in the hectic everyday of urban life. I belong in a city – but always enjoy whenever I get out in the wilderness.

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