On the Road

Desert Storm

It is 5 AM in Kingman, AZ. The dust has settled, literally. Last night the weather service issued a sand storm warning, discouraging all driving. A brown wall of desert sand was looming over Kingman, several hundred feet high. Visibility was low. This was my first sand storm. It must have been a baby storm that barely touched us. Somewhere out there it may have been outright gritty…

We also had our farewell dinner with our fellow travelers. A long drive to Los Angeles is all that is left. We had an all-American diner experience with Chicken-fried steak and gravy, molted chocolate cake and such. I am starving for some decent home-cooked meals. Anybody?

After Zion and Bryce, we visited Canyonlands, Arches, Monument Valley, Betatakin, and finally the Grand Canyon. The Southwest in 17 days…

Under water in Death Valley

Under water in Death Valley

A few hick ups here and there, a lot of broken gear, and many great sites. Every day there were amazing moments, even for the seasoned desert rat, mountain goat, or city slicker.

Little time for us, the tour guides, to take pictures, or take a breath. No time to reflect. That has to wait.

My van has been decorated on the outside with dry marker, showing all the places we have seen on this trip. I will take a picture before going to the car wash 🙂


One thought on “Desert Storm

  1. mk says:

    Your story reminds me of my childhood in Phoenix. We kids loved the sandstorms. We would find Mom’s paper grocery bags, cut slits for our eyes, put the bags over our heads, and rush outdoors. (The only way to keep the sand out of the ears)

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