Inside Out

On domestic abuse and violence

Comfortably resting in the golden floor of Yosemite Valley between El Cap and the Cathedrals I am watching little specks on the Nose literally inching one step at a time to the top. A pleasant breeze out of the west drowns almost all man-made noises. It feels as if a deer, a bear, or John Muir could step out of the woods any moment. I came to this peaceful place to pen down some thoughts that occupied my mind over the last few days.

Two recent cases of domestic abuse and violence by prominent NFL players have received wide media coverage. As shocking as the act of violence between a man and a woman or a parent and a child is the reaction of some people, arguing what constitutes domestic violence and abuse. I am shocked how many voices defend the act of violence in relationships.

Some have argued there is a fine line. No there is no fine line. Parenting does not make you exempt from the rules that our society has set. There is a clear line. In a relationship between adults there is no room for violence. Period.

If you physically or emotionally harm somebody in your family you have crossed that line.

Just because everybody else in your surroundings does it, that does not make it right. For some the use of force appears acceptable, as they have experienced violence in their childhood.

I do not like the word domestic in this context. Domestic implies that it happens inside a home, between family members. What happens inside a family, stays in the family?

No. We as a society, we need to support and protect the victims of domestic violence from their perpetrators.

This topic goes beyond domestic abuse and violence. As a society we define what is acceptable behavior and what not. We have created a world of codes, rules, and laws that define what we can do and can’t do. This work is never finished. We have evolved.

There is no room for violence in our society.


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