“Compassion grows out of the recognition that all sentient beings – friends,enemies, complete strangers – want the same thing. We all want to be happy, and yet again, we act in ways which bring suffering to ourselves, and to others, and through others back to ourselves. Seeing through the superficial differences to this core of sameness is the great equalizer, stripping away the mask of unique personal identity and revealing us one and all as simple, wanting, fearful, hopeful, bewildered beings. It is an enormous daily mental challenge to see Mr Matthew not as my enemy bit simply as my neighbor, wanting exactly what I want, and being mistaken, just like me, about how to get it.”

Jamie Zeppa

Who is Jamie Zeppa, you ask? She wrote a wonderful book about her experience as a school teacher in Bhutan. She fell in love with the country and…

Well, you got to read the rest yourself!


7 thoughts on “Compassion

  1. So now Jamie Zeppa is on my ‘wish list’.
    You might like Buttertea at Sunrise by Britta Das. I re-read it for the 3rd time when I was in hospital last year and enjoyed it every bit as much as the first time.

      • Thanks for the Title (by the way). I’m still scrolling through your old posts, but I’ll have to stop soon as my tummy is grumbling for dinner (and I didn’t have lunch). Don’t know how you coped with Las Vegas after the remote landscape of Alaska.

  2. QUICK STORY (which I thought might amuse)…..

    Just went to the pile of unread books from Amazon (for something new to start reading).

    Book at the bottom of the pile was ‘Beyond the Sky and the Earth’ by Jamie Zeppa!
    I’d completely forgotten I’d ordered/purchased it.

    I couldn’t stop chuckling to myself.

    (Now you know what happens to the brains of ‘city slickers’ who don’t get enough fresh un-polluted air. I knew my Brain Fog was getting worse, but…….) 😀

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