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Thursdays with Bearly

When Mother Earth crumbled like a pie crust it left behind one of the most bewildering landscapes in the West. The heart of this vibrant break in the surface of earth is  now protected as part of Capitol Reef National Park. Amazing clusters of red sandstone formations can be seen from the pavement, or are hidden in the back country. The temple of the Moon and the temple of the Sun are two of those rock formation that either require fording the Fremont river, or passing sandy patches along the Caineville wash, or a long, rocky mountain road.

Temple of the Sun and temple of the moon, Capitol Reef, UT

Temple of the Sun and temple of the moon, Capitol Reef, UT

Either way, you are rewarded with a spectacular display of erosion and resilience. Both temples stand erect by themselves in a valley of many cathedrals in the making. Most of them will end up as muddy hills being washed away by rainstorms and winds.

For now, the temples are still standing, seeing the sun and moon come and go. Time your visit right to see these rock formation in the best light. I am sure storm clouds would add a great back ground to the eerie landscape. Then again, you may be stuck in a while in the mud and run off water…

Temple of the moon

Temple of the moon


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