Dogs and ponies



Hello World!

My name is Archimedes, although some folks call me Java. I am now 8 weeks old, having opened my eyes just 6 weeks ago. Life is a bliss.

I am living with my mom in the puppy pen, but I think I am ready to run with the big dogs pretty soon.

I am getting fed by my mom and this other lady, who brings me kibbles and meat in a delicious sauce. Did I say life is just great?

So far I spent most of my time inside our wooden house filled with comfy straw that has kept me dry and warm. The other day they built me a wooden ramp so I can climb in and out of our house. Amazing what’s out there!

I love to play in this white, fluffy stuff they call snow. In the beginning my mom was very concerned about me getting cold and she would usher me back inside, but now I play outside for hours. There is so much to discover!

Sometimes they take me out of the puppy pen and let me into the big house. I usually end up in somebody’s lap. They love to pet my soft fur, look me in the eyes and mumble incomprehensible baby talk. Who am I? A puppy? I am a race dog!

Peace out, Archimedes


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