Dogs and ponies



I am Princess and I am beautiful.

Need I say more? It goes with the territory that I do not get along with the other girls in my yard and I get a lot of attention from the boys, as you can imagine, especially Johnny Cash, who you have not met, yet. I think he is handsome, but he is such a player. Classic is good looking, too, such a boy, though.

Some say I am infatuated with my musher, but I wouldn’t go that far. I think Aphrodite, Palenque, and Hunter adore him as much as I do… Girls!

I take good care of my fur, which is kind of short for this cold weather we are having right now, but I can’t stand these fleece coats they try to put on me, when it’s chilly outside. I think the colors and the style are hideous, so I rip those coats to shreds in no time. Luckily they have given up on covering me up with these despicable outfits.

My complexion is quite fair, so I have to be careful with that winter sun. My nose burns easily and they apply some cream to it once in a while. If they just could find some unscented cream. I have a sensitive nose, so I lick this smelly stuff off. I know, I shouldn’t…

I like to run almost every day, 10k or 20k, I don’t mind. It’s nice to be on the trail. We have a fast team. I like that. I can easily keep up with the boys.

I am in good shape, I watch my weight. Those chicken skins are my only vice. Otherwise, I am perfect.

Sincerley, Princess

Uhh, almost forgot: I had my nails done the other day by Elise, as you can see. That was fun. I really like to be taken care of. Love.


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