Dogs and ponies

Johnny Cash

„Hello, I’m Johnny Cash“


I hear there was a two-legged fellow with the same name? Well, I am the original Johnny Cash of Granite Creek. I wear black and I love the ladies, oh yeah!

In the morning I am the first one to alert my fellow sled dogs that the guy with the food bucket is coming. I believe, I am the first one to be served because of that. Nothing wrong with a little attention grabbing.

At 10 o’clock I usually go to work. My favorite running mate is Chichen Itza, she is hot! She just had a baby, Archimedes, so she is not really interested in my advances, but I am a patient dog…


We run together with four other buddies of mine, following our musher to the hot spring every day. I just ignore the dudes on my sled yelling „Mush, mush“. What does that mean? I am pulling as hard as I can, so are my buddies. Had a little trouble with my tender feet lately. Too much ice on the trail. We need some snow, man!

I am not much of a „camper“. When they stop for lunch, I can’t lay down. Just can’t help it. I like the snack we get at our break, but I really love my dinner at home. When it comes to food, I am not picky. You should see my food bowl. It’s spanking clean. I like it all, the kibbles, the meat, you name it. My musher gives me sometimes seconds, because he thinks I am a bit skinny. I just want to look good for the ladies!

Well, time for me to curl up in my little dog house. Time to sleep (and dream something sweet). Gotta be rested for work tomorrow.

Good night and God bless.




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