Dogs and ponies

Stage Stop: Day 3

The Grand Tetons presented a beautiful backdrop for today’s race outside Driggs, Idaho. The morning sun was smiling on us. Right from the start the teams had to climb a steep hill. Here is the view from the top:

Stacey Teasley in front of the Grand Tetons

Stacey Teasley in front of the Grand Tetons

Then it was into open meadows, rolling hills, and narrow forest trails.

Tugging behind the sled.

Tugging behind the sled.

Every musher has his or her own signature kick. Here is Troy Larsen demonstrating how to finish in third place with one dog in the sled!

Troy Larsen kicking it.

Troy Larsen kicking it…

And finally, the stars of the race. Amazing to see the energy of the dogs after running 30 miles in less than 3 hours with some serious climbs and descents.

Lead dogs

Lead dogs

Looking forward to the next stages. It is supposed to snow…


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