Dogs and ponies


Hey, I am Hunter. I am working here. This is my first winter in Wyoming. I live in Montana. We came to Wyoming in December to work as sled dogs. I think there were six of us. This is a big kennel. I have counted 160 dogs so far. My Montana friends ended up with the other mushers in the yard. My guy is ok, actually, he is pretty nice.

I didn’t like the food first. In Montana we all eat raw meat, none of this kibbles soup. So the first weeks, I think I gave my guy a little headache, because I was picking out the meat from my meals and left the kibbles untouched. For some reason I did not loose any weight. You may have already guessed it: I am a girl.

They also serve food here in metal cans, which I am not used to. I have learned to clean my can by now. I even start to like these juicy kibbles.

I am also young, just 3 years old, so I am still a bit playful. I believe my musher tries to teach me a lesson here and there. First he puts me in lead with this serious gentlemen, Clumber, who is all about business. Whenever I find something interesting on the trail, he just keeps pulling me along. Am I not allowed to stop and investigate? We also don’t stop for #1 or #2, even marking is not allowed while we are pulling a sled. So, whenever I run with Clumber, I am a good girl, because I have no choice. He is so strong! I believe, he is my musher’s favorite dog, although he maintains he loves us all.

I also think my musher doesn’t like it when I chew my harnesses. I am just excited and want to run. So when we are parked nobody pays attention to me. I can yap, I can howl, I can jump, nothing. So, then I chew. That gets his attention, although he doesn’t sound thrilled. So far I have chewed 2 harnesses. The first one, I destroyed completely. It looked like goulash, when I was done with it. I ran home with a spare harness. That was funny.

The second time I just chewed off the strategic tail piece of my new harness. Again, major annoyance. Now, he takes me off the line right away and I am home first, good deal. I also do necklines. They are so easy (smile) ! 2 seconds and they are gone. Come on, give me a break. I am just an innocent, young girl. Wink!

XOX Hunter


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