Inside Out


The end is in sight. The end of winter that is.

Daytime temperatures above freezing in recent days have softened snow and ice. As a result slushy ice floats down the creeks. A few weeks ago these creeks have been frozen over. In remote places without bridges these are significant times. Snow bridges disappear making overland travel more difficult.

The hillsides are shedding their white coats. The first few green leaves appear as soon as the snow is gone. At night frost comes back freezing our tracks until the next morning.

Rain is in the forecast. Soon, the muddy season is here.

Time to break camp and move to new stomping grounds.

This was a short winter with long working days. I will miss dog kisses, wagging tails, and the enthusiasm, honesty and fidelity of my furry friends. I wish I could bring them all…



3 thoughts on “Breakup…

  1. Great photos.
    Interesting seeing the faint shapes of ice sheets under water floating past the sharp contrast of the rocky outcrops.

    • This was a little experiment. I took 2-4 shoots as fast as possible with a shutterspeed of ~ 1/40s. I then combined the frames in PS. That gives the moving ice the blurry look and keeps the stationary rock island in focus. I applied a motion filter in PS to the ice. B&W conversion. Voila.

      • Brilliant. The experiment certainly worked well.
        I’m hopeless at PS – I gave up soon after my brother gave me the software. Same with Lightroom. Don’t have the patience or eyesight to do much PP – just a bit of tweaking the contrast, tiny crops & a few spot erasures.
        Still practicing with the new Sony a6000 at the moment.

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