One Man's Paradise

Inside Passage

“Beauty surrounds us.”


The arrival of spring is celebrated on the first of May in many countries on the Northern hemisphere. Seeding of the fields is finished and farm workers get a day off. In many towns a maypole is erected and decorated with ribbons. Dancing into May is a popular tradition in certain places.

Unfortunately, I think, some of the traditions are slowly getting lost. Apparently it was once custom for young men to place a tree covered in streamers in front of the house of a girl the night before May 1st. indicating a romantic interest. However,  a tree wrapped in white streamers was a sign of dislike. Women on the other hand placed roses or rice in the form of a heart at the house of their beloved one. Often times this was done anonymously. Who is going today through that kind of effort?

The night before May 1st is also popular among youngsters, as they play jokes on their neighbors. Watch out for your door bells, your mail boxes. They may be covered with mustard or tooth paste.

I spent this day relaxing after a 2 day cruise from Prince Rupert to Haines. The Inside Passage is an amazing water way leading to Southeast Alaska. We had 8 foot  waves, 70 mile winds, sunshine, and rain. Countless small islands and coves, a few humpbacks floating by the boat… Snow-capped mountains diving right into the water, evergreens as far you can see. Simply beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Inside Passage

  1. staceyteasley says:

    Your photographs are stunning, haunting really. I know the landscape lends itself, but you see so, so talented.

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