One Man's Paradise

From the Mountains

to the Sea…

I am still in disbelief about the place I find myself in. White mountains dropping right into the sea.

Haines and Skagway are still sleepy towns, although behind the scenes the locals are working quietly on getting ready for the first cruise ships to arrive in a few days. Shoulder season.

It has been a sunny week since we left Prince Rupert, Ketchikan, and Juneau with their menacing skies behind. The snow in the mountains rising above the Upper Lynn Canal still looks pristine, although the heat of the sun has released  spring avalanches. The snowline is slowly creeping up. A landscape in transition. For the next four months that will be the theme: transition. I remember well, how Nature changed around us in Denali two years ago. You could watch the snow loosing ground, day by day, until it was replaced by plants, flowers, and seeds. Next thing you knew it was colorful fall and the white coat came back.

Not so fast! I’ll enjoy day by day in this spectacular setting.

Lynn Canal, Alaska

Lynn Canal, Alaska


7 thoughts on “From the Mountains

  1. You can keep your mountains – I’d rather be looking out my office window at the traffic below…

    But seriously, these are stunning and the photos are exceptional. What a place to be….(I am not jealous one bit)…

    • 🙂

      you know I wish they were my mountains. They are beautiful to look at, but so hard to get to. Maybe I’ll trade your office, probably easier to access

  2. Absolutely stunning images!! They really capture the grandeur of ‘the Great Land’ and using the monochromatic format just heightens the effect! Bravo and keep ’em coming…

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