No news – Good news

Skagway, AK

Window sign in Skagway, AK

Living in small-town Alaska has its perks. Newspaper arrive on a small plane, sometimes it’s today’s newspaper. When that happens it’s announced in the local bookstore’s window. The same plane also delivers the mail, no home delivery though. Gotta go to the post office and pick it up. Street address? No sir. You need a PO box. Your favorite online shopping does not deliver to PO boxes, you say? No problem. Fake a street address. The post office knows…

Fresh produce, milk and such are delivered once a week by barge. Today I walk into the one and only grocery store in town. No milk… Gotta wait a week…

Living in remote places does something to you.

It sets you free.

Make do with what you have.

And even without today’s newspaper the world keeps spinning.


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