No news – part 2

Alaska, the land where bananas, bread and milk don’t flow…

Well, the barge came and went.

Day by day the shelves in our market displayed less products. First, anything fresh disappeared: milk, bread, fruit and veggies. Then all advertised specials were gone.

Finally, anything is fair game.

Since the supply ship docked on Tuesday, lots of goods have made it to the store. Many items remain boxed, sitting on the floor, waiting to be reshelved… Everybody is pretty good about it, although the cashiers must have finally got tired answering the question: “Did you get milk? Where is the bread?” and put up a sign.


At least Redi Wip is in! Pretty funny.

I have seen empty shelves before. I just did not expect to see that in a town that welcomes 10,000 visitors a day. I guess there is no shortage of food on the docked cruise ships. If we only could board those ships. Maybe we’ll have to hijack one…

Just kidding.


One thought on “No news – part 2

  1. I’d like to say “very funny signs”, but it must be frustrating to run out of the basics like bread and milk. Since I’m 97% grain & dairy free, I guess the empty shelves wouldn’t affect me too badly.
    (Going through periods when I’m in too much pain to go to the shops, I’ve got into the habit of eating weird combinations of foodstuffs as I slowly run out of fresh food in my fridge).

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