One Man's Paradise

“The love of wilderness…

is more than a hunger
for what is always beyond reach.

It’s also an expression of loyalty to earth,
the earth which bore us and sustains us,
the only paradise we shall ever know,
the only paradise we ever need,
if only we had the eyes to see.”

Edward Abbey

Today was a No-Ship day.



Lower Dewey Lake, AK

That means most everybody in town gets a day off to relax or take care of personal business. We decided to go on a hike. Lower Dewey Lake was our destination. A short hike leads to a 3 mile loop around the lake: beautiful. Spruce and hemlock surround the lake, which was almost like a mirror this morning.

The light was just right. A secluded, pristine paradise. Foamy bubbles drift on the surface of the lake. Sometimes they connect to form swirls and twirls, floating along the shore.

A short hike from our sleepy little town, awaiting the next big ship.


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