Flowers – № 2

Believe it or not, a flower shot won the 2014-2015 Nikon Photo Contest! “Fukushima Flowers” by Katsuhiro Noguchi to be exact took the Grand Prize.

“Fukushima Flowers”, © Katsuhiro Noguchi

“Flowers are the sweet children of nature, they make us smile.”

Mehmet Murat ildan

I find it very difficult to take pictures of flowers that go beyond pretty. Some of the judges must have had the same feeling, when they saw the winning photographs. Once they read the title and understood the background of the photographs they found praise and merit in the 3 photographs submitted.

I still find it very difficult to see beyond pretty. My story goes like this. After a long winter I was craving for color. Then came spring and now summer is here. Today the colors are vibrant, tomorrow…?

Can I get a prize, too?

Poppies, Jewell Garden, Skagway, AK

Poppies, Jewell Garden, Skagway, AK


3 thoughts on “Flowers – № 2

  1. Last year I entered the National Wildlife Federation contest. The contest had a judged competition and a people’s choice category. The grand prize winner for the people’s choice was a shot taken from a cruise ship offshore from your beautiful state. The final count wasn’t really close, so I guess it comes down to how many friends you have on Facebook. There was nothing spectacular about the photo and the same shot was probably taken by many others aboard. There were many other far more deserving photos, and the readers weighed in echoing my sentiments. At least the judges salvaged dignity for that contest with some better choices.

    With Nikon, however, I expect greater things. Flowers? Not that impressed with their other winners either. Winning shots from judged contests sometimes baffle me, so I no longer submit photos for most contests.

    Many of the images you have posted are contest worthy (as in should be winning), but I don’t have any prizes to offer. Will you take a smiley face 🙂

    • I am gladly accepting a smiley!
      I share your sentiments about judged photo contests, although I have not given up on them. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  2. I find photo competitions a real mystery. Some winners really do shine above their competition, but others……I really can’t see anything special that anyone else could not equal. It’s all down to the judges on the day I suppose.

    I can certainly imagine some spectacular flower images being worthy. But the one that won the Nikon 1st prize looks more like a pretty tablecloth to me.

    Lovely images you’ve included in this post, by the way. Certainly many of your images have been very worthy of prizes.

    BTW I’ve only entered 3 competitions a few years ago, but I really should make an effort to enter more. My submission might just please that particular panel of judges on that particular day – I sure could use the money (if money was a prize).

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