Flowers – № 3

Red poppies, Garden City of Alaska, Skagway

Red poppies, Garden City of Alaska, Skagway

“People from a planet without flowers

would think we must be mad

with joy the whole time

to have such beauty around us.”

Iris Murdoch

Red is the color of my soul according to a silly fun quiz. After a few days without internet I googled for a few hours, rode around town with this incredible manual f/2 135mm lens and found a marvelous garden. The red poppies called at me… And then I found out that the color of my soul is red.

“Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. You are a fireball! Fiesty but warm, you are friendly when handled with care. But the moment someone screws up… Watch out! They might just get burned.”

I might have to retake that test…

What color is your soul?

Monochrome poppies, Skagway, Alaska

Monochrome poppies, Skagway, Alaska


6 thoughts on “Flowers – № 3

  1. Very nice image of the poppies. I like the B & W version, especially with the repeating shape in the blurred background just behind the main poppy in the foreground.

    (I’m not sure whether I have a favourite colour, maybe teal blue or purple, but I wear black mainly ’cause it’s slimming….. and…….most Australians wear black in winter. Didn’t notice so much until I started doing street photography in the city centre).

  2. staceyteasley says:

    Lovely post…
    Poppies are so fragile and yet they can thrive in seemingly inhospitable places for a delicate flower. Actually, that applies to all wild flowers.

  3. alaskannancy says:

    Love your photos! I, too, crave color after a gray winter. My favorite color is fireweed pink–exuberant and unashamed.

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