About nothing

“I’d like to have enough time and quiet
To think about absolutely nothing.”

Alberto Caeiro

My excursion into the strange, weird world of Skagway comes to an end. It was an interesting experience, as expected the scenery was spectacular, the weather anything that Alaska could throw at you, and I made some great connections with visitors on my photography tours. Occasionally it felt like work, sometimes I had the urge for some really fresh, reasonably prized, delicious food, then I had salmon roe, blueberries, and home made bread. It was great.

Now is the time to look ahead for new adventures. I also learned from Oliver Sachs, that there is no time to waste. First, I will read no more news that have the word Kardashian or Trump in it. I have no say in this election. I will live my life, not theirs. I will also take some time off from writing this blog. For a while, I want to think about absolutely nothing. Then, I may return. Until then, thank you for reading and commenting. I have very much appreciated everybody’s comments and contributions. Thank you.


7 thoughts on “About nothing

  1. What a superb image for your last post (for now, not forever I hope).

    Enjoy your break, relax and take some time out just to be in the Moment and be free. Freedom from work, commitments and everyday routine can be the most liberating experience.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos and I sincerely hope you return to the blogasphere some time in the future.

    Be happy, healthy and safe.


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