Amidst the Eagles

I spent all daylight hours last week in the Bald Eagle Preserve near Klukwan, a unique place in Alaska, where a large number of bald eagles gather to feast on the last salmon run of the year.

I participated in a wildlife photography workshop with Oliver Klink, who has been leading this workshop for 11 years. I learned a lot, mostly how important it is to be patient. I have visited the preserve several times and was always disappointed how far away the eagles were and how difficult the lighting conditions were. With Oliver I learned how to deal with this.

I’ll show a couple images over the next few days. Here is the first one.


Waiting for the sun


4 thoughts on “Amidst the Eagles

    • Yes, there are 30 eagles in the picture. About 3000 eagles can gather in this particular area depending on the weather conditions. The confluence of three rivers creates the perfect spawning ground for various salmon species. This year the eagles seem to be a bit more dispersed, because most river channels are still flowing. That makes it a bit harder to capture the eagles.

    • Thank you! That is the abundance of life I want to see. I here it was everywhere in Alaska and many other places before we showed up… Thanks for reading.

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